Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sorry Its been a while since my last post!

 I have been so busy with Torin being in School now. Im the class room mom this year and that keeps me on my toes. I enjoy every minute of it so the craziness is completely worth it though.
We recently went on our Amazing Family Vacation.
We started in Clearwater ,Fl at my parents home for Thanksgiving and( Black Friday Shopping with my mom). We then headed to Orlando with our super close friends the Smiths where we spent 7 days at Disney World making a lifetime of memories.

Here are some of our favorite moments

After the loooong but amazing Vacation it was home for Christmas!

(Here is a sneak peek of our house at Christmas)


We have also had some excitement in our home this past week....My sweet little Liam is FINALLY potty trained! Yay!! Sorry Huggies...We have no more use for you :)
My sweet boy with his "Big Boy" Prize


      Stay tuned there is lots more fun to come!

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  1. Yay for vacations and you finally making it back to the bloggin world! My entrance will be shortly after yours! :D


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