Thursday, August 9, 2012

The sweet Life of Liam

Today is our 1st one on one day together. I made the decision to keep him home this year and home school him myself.  I'm pleasantly surprised how our day went. We started with Story time..
Here he is "reading"to me!  He was fascinated with my camera so he needed a turn behind the lens...

Loving my day with Liam

 Next we checked the weather....and after 5 minutes of questions..(where is the Sun mom?, Is it sick?, Is it sleeping? and so on and so on) 

he realized it was a very Cloudy day!

We fished our morning lesson with some triangle Sponge Painting and a song!

Tune: The Adam's Family
Three sides (snap, snap)
Three points (snap, snap)
A triangle has, three sides, three points (snap, snap)

We are far from done today so its time to go and learn some more!


  1. In years to come, you will be SOOO glad you let Liam take that picture of you. Sounds like a fun morning!!

    1. It really was. He is such a sweet boy and I enjoyed every minute of our time together. The hard part was after we picked Torin up from school. That Is when the fighting began. Any advice on how to handle those moments. Liam became very jealous of the attention Torin was getting and he began acting up :(


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