Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Afternoon Adventure

The boys and I spent our Saturday afternoon Exploring Beaufort, South Carolina with our dear friends Stephanie and Kalan from Faithfully Inspired. they picked us up around 10am and we were on our way! Our 
1st stop was a beautiful place called Waterfront Park. Liam got such a kick out of all of the sailboats.

Here he is showing all the boats to Stephanie

Our Second stop was the place that Kalan asked Stephanie to spend his life with precious.
Here they are on the very same bench he proposed to her on

And now here I am with my 2 loves..just wish their daddy could have been with us.

Now the next place was by far my favorite stop of the surprise to those who know me. Its was an AMAZING coffee house called Common Ground. The smells walking into this place were just plain heavenly. I had a frozen Heath Coffee and Steph had a Iced Chai Latte. She missed out, mine was delicious with its homemade chocolate whipped cream!

If you are ever in Beaufort stop here first!!
While we were in this amazing piece of Heaven Kalan and his brave self took both boys to The Lollipop Shop.  This store was loaded full of yummy goodness and my kids were in their glory!

My kids are not spoiled by any means! 
So 2 wind up toys, gummy candy and Astronaut Ice Cream later we were on our way to the next stop on our "adventure" (as my son Torin liked to call our day). 
The playground!

The walk to the playground was beautiful. The grass was so green and the breeze along with the sweet salty smell of the ocean was breathtaking.

Here is a short clip of us playing! (Never mind Kalan on the phone while shooting this)
Here they are tackling Kalan
He's a great sport and they are doing a fine job breaking him in for his future children!
2 shrimps on a shrimp!
We made our way across a fairly busy road (biting nails) to see some cannons.

Had to get a photo of us at some point today

We then headed down Historic Main Street. Beaufort is such a sweet little town with amazing history.

Funny story behind this but I will not share it!

We had lunch down town at Southern Sweets Ice Cream Parlor. It's a small but nice little shop with delicious food. I had a pimiento cheese sandwich with black eyed pea salad. It was definitely the best pimento cheese sandwich I have ever had.

Of course as I was told, no trip to Beaufort was complete without a trip to the The Chocolate Tree. this place is known for its homemade candy and the smell of chocolate hits you in the face as soon as you walk in. We may be heading back soon for their All You Can Eat Night!! That's right...I said it :) All you can eat...anything and everything in the store.

We drove by their old Church, Community Bible Church which was HUGE! Not at all what I was expecting. As we drove around the building we saw these cute little guys.

He came right up to the car which honestly kinda freaked me out. I thought he was going to jump on in with us.

We also got the chance to visit Stephanie's Work Site. She works on Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station. By this point Liam was passed out in the car but Torin was able to see some of the jets and such up close.

The day was great and full of fun. Thank you so much Smith's for a wonderful Journey 
down your memory lane :)


  1. Beaufort is the best! And Common Ground...oh my...I'm kinda in love with that place. Their caramel frappe is a little piece of Heaven on earth. :)

    1. Jennifer, you will have to go with us next time! It was the best coffee I have ever had and I'm a Starbucks lover so that's saying a lot.

  2. Um, that goose that walked right up to your car...I think it is the same one I was feeding Chick FilA french fries to right out my window last Wed night. I could have reached out and touched him. They are very tame from all the church folks feeding them all the time!!

    1. Well that explains it. Kalan threw some food at it and he got all excited. He was so cute but VERY friendly. :)

  3. I think we need to go to Beaufort again soon! Then Blackville for Mennonite food!! :D


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