Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let the Learning Begin!

Today is Torin's 1st day as a Pre-K student. The morning actually went smoother than I had anticipated. We all actually woke up on time and without any problems. The boys got themselves dressed, ate breakfast and were ready to go! When we got to school Torin greeted EVERYONE including the principal. He told her all about his morning and how excited he was to be there. (Gotta love that child). He went into his class and seemed to immediately forget about Liam and I. It kinda hurt, I'm not gonna lie but I recovered in no time.  Liam on the other hand was a hot mess when we left the school without his brother. He got over it quickly when he realized he'd have mommy all to his sweet little self.

Last night I asked Torin a few questions about himself so that I could document his 1st day of  BIG kid school appropriately.

So here he is on his very 1st day..

I have to say I really love his answers. He has the sweetest kindest heart.

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