Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Growing Up

  So this is it.... Tomorrow will be Torin's last full day at home with his mommy and little brother. I can't believe my sweet boy is about to enter Elementary School as a Pre-K student. I have been crying off and on for days now, all the while Torin is comforting me. He keeps telling me "Don't worry mommy, I promise I will come home everyday".
  Now tell me...whats wrong with this picture?? Shouldn't I be the one consoling him? Making sure he is alright? When did he become the parent and I become the child? My little man is growing up and fast at that.

When did he go from this..

                             To this....??

He sure is excited though. We get to go tomorrow to his open house and meet his new Teacher. I hope he likes her...heck, I hope I like her!

With one big change comes another big change.... My 1st year home alone with Liam! That poor boy has been cheated out of so much mommy time it's unbelievable. With most of our focus being aimed at Torin's recovery these past 3 years Liam has just kind of been there. Now don't get me wrong, that boy is LOVED and  he gets his special time too but nothing like he's about to get. Liam is going to love this year. I am going to take that precious boy everywhere I can think of...  Story Time at the library, Toddler Tuesdays, Monkey Joe's....the list could just go on.  I'm sure most of my post in this upcoming year are going to be focused on Liam and our daily adventures together. So be ready :) You are gonna see a lot of this face...


  1. One of the reasons I started homeschooling - I missed my boy too much to have him gone all day every day!!
    Great job on your first posts, Heather!! I look forward to what's coming up!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Dawn. Im keeping him home this year out of pure selfishness!


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